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We are innovative manufacturers of professional specialist bespoke sports equipment built to a premium standard by our team of experienced engineers and design consultants, giving our customers what they need to maximise their performance to the fullest by using our manufactured equipment. Our equipment includes a wide range of products for many sports and gyms. We know about strength and conditioning (S & C). We've been manufacturing and using specialist sports items for years so we know exactly how to source the best materials, produce the best designs and ultimately satisfy our customers with robust, effective sports equipment.

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Sports Equipment Specialist Suppliers to Professionals

We work closely with leading S & C coaches for international and premiership rugby clubs, premiership football clubs, ultimate fighting competitors and many more on an exclusive one to one basis giving them a level of performance that is 100% tailored to their needs. Working with clients such as Leicester City football club, Harlequins, Cheltenham College and more, we have the expertise to satisfy the most demanding of needs. Take a look at our testimonials here to see what some of the best coaches in the business think of our service. Whether you’re a college, a gym specialising in strength or strongman training or even if you’re looking for high-quality kit to replace some of your old equipment, we can help. If you want the tools to take your strength to the max you’ve come to the right place, Choose A-Unit for your supplier of sports equipment or even for your gym manufacturing needs.

"Here at Leicester City Football Club the Strength & Power Programme places a large emphasis on players strength development in the lower limbs. In order to achieve this, we use bespoke equipment which we have designed and developed with A-Unit in order to meet our specific needs (including a Shuttle Leg Press, EXP Leg Press and Lever Belt Squat). These key pieces of equipment allow us to lift at high intensities and thresholds, providing greater overload to the target musculature opposed to conventional based strength lifts. The design and robustness of the equipment is second to none, it allows us to load the players up in a safe and effective manner without compromise, ensuring they receive the desired physiological stimuli."
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